Here are some great resources I wanted to quickly compile

Work in progress! I'm just going to put some links to some good sites in good geo/neocities fashion.

Here is a good one to start, an entire website of svg icons with an in-browser editor. Crazy! - -

Database of game UI! - -

Sound effect maker - -

Spriter's Resource is now a family of websites that includes audio files, textures, and 3D models! You'll still need some software to get the most out of these resources as many of the sprite sheets are not organized neatly and many models are completely missing their rigs and sometimes even textures and materials don't import well. Blender and Aseprite are my top picks for handling these resources. - Spriter's Resource -

This single girl, Emily, has hundreds of generators and tools for tabletop games, worldbuilding, writing, etc. The first site is mostly for writing but the second site has lots of neat tools. - - - -

If you don't know about Adafruit yet and you like Arduino or Pi, you should look at their site.

Arr. Masterlist of some pirate sites.

Software recommendations

I'm going to list some software I super recommend checking out for likeminded individuals.

Some basics first. Use Firefox. Use DuckDuckGo. Don't use Chromium or Google. It's an ad-riddled mess. Respect your time.

Second, if you like being a little scamp on the internet, use Mullvad. Exceedingly simple and pretty cheap VPN! You can even pay them completely anonymously if you want lol. Recommend pairing with qBitTorrent for... internet activities.

Ok we've all played Minecraft. I can't play Vanilla anymore, so Modrinth is a pretty nice launcher. You can make your own mod packs in the app itself and share them with your friends for a LAN party. Nice! Even avoids the mess that is finding the right Java version for linux, I think?

Try VLC Media Player for watching your content. Full featured yet unobtrusive video player- though sometimes it has issues on Linux.

Another great suite of tools, LibreOffice. Full office suite of tools rivalling Microsoft and Google yet beautifully open source and cross platform,

Quick shoutout to GifCam for Windows, great lil tool for making gifs! Wish it ran on Linux!

I can't not mention Godot engine. I will sing the praises of this forever, sorry Unity fans.

For modelling I use Blender, duh, but I also use it for CADing! Sketchup is more suited for for a beginner but I like software I can actually run on my computer, thank you.

As a fun bonus for modellers, check out this program called XNormal. It basically takes an upscaled model of a lower poly model and bakes you a normal map (aka bump map) for the low poly model so it looks the higher poly version. And it's free!

For art I use Clip Studio Paint EX, which has an animation feature, although it is quite different from most other software. For a free alternative, try Krita. Krita is a pretty damn robust painting tool, but it also has a new animation feature! Krita is also available on Android through the F-Droid app manager, though it doesn't scale on phones.

How about I close out on this cool app I found, Obsidian. It's basically a note-taking or writing app but notably all the files get saved to a real location with generic filetypes you can access and use in any other program. Evernote and Onenote don't have shit on this. It also supports markdown so you can do cool formatting stuff, I think it even has features to turn stuff you write into html for you! I think you can pay for cloud syncing, but that isn't a dealbreaker since you can just manually transfer the files yourself. Try it out! On computer and mobile.

Hope this page wasn't too long. Happy travels!